141. Skin-Deep

Your style —
Demeaning others and their ways,
intermixed with doubts
and insecurities about your day:
what a balance that must be,
to see and focus upon misery.

Try to love for 2015 —
Not the bratty kind of condescension,
no: love first your aging body,
steadily losing worth
as far as ogling eyes can see
but toughened with victorious scars
that discerning minds will read.

Discerning minds will love you more,
I guarantee, than ogling eyes ever could.

I admit to a weakness I am currently working on: cultivating compassion instead of disdain for others’ self-loathing or need for attention/compliments. A common weakness (who likes insecure people?), but that’s beside the point. Kindness is a good gift to cultivate. We must abandon excuses that enable us to be lesser versions of ourselves in order to make progress. If others are unwilling, that’s got nothing to do with your own progress. Never forget that.


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