180. Captivated

I want to feel your smile now
caressed and softly pressed,
where lips now mutual meet
and eyes find their sweet rest,
as hands entwine the while
the heavenly with the body,
for each minute lost with you
makes a life mundane most holy.

Keeping the word flow positive. Almost caught up now…almost to the half way point too. Amazing how fast half a year has passed by.


179. Bookmark Pulled

Wouldn’t life be plenty nice
to erase the past’s unsavories,
or undo at least the worst of faults
and once for all relieve its misery —

Yet all remains are moments forward
undoubted towards more flaws,
but just as many mishap steps
are opportunities to stand tall.

Allowing past mistakes then
to stir sporadic memories,
but forbid these finished plots
from jarring future pleasantries.

I have to make the decision to let you go. Not because I want to – some parts of me still resist it so. Another part wants to ease the transition by stooping low: calling you mental names, saying how you aren’t worth it. No, I don’t want it to be like that. But what I know of you are just figments now, and the sunlight’s here. The figments need to go.

178. Verdict

Critiquing tastes most ugly,
to condemn these heathen sins,
a fashion, passionate homily
to improve our worlds within —

But from the colors splendid worn
ascribe what range of characters?
Or music played to promote joy,
yet earning judges’ laughter?

Some of us are so damn critical about so many things. Does it help increase anyone’s happiness, or just snottiness?

177. Dream-mate

Indulge me now your thoughts,
I bring an all-attentive ear,
and maybe eyes enraptured too
for the gracefulness you bear —

That on those lips the honey sweet
of tempting nights to savor,
and scent seductive along neck
compelling heart to crave for —

Indulge me with your kindled heart,
the star of stars to light the way
from this world to our own galaxy
of two dreamers’ paradise.

It’s so interesting some of the souls we fall for. They’re not what we’d expect. That should tell us to give others a chance, but of course it takes an unselfish heart to begin that process. The good, loving side of me has nice things to say on the matter. The snarky side should bite its tongue a bit more…

176. Old Man

Some duties leave their scars,
a permanent estate,
from when retired, bedside view,
a better world was made,
where none but few are privy
to the pride behind the fate,
but only to assume with scorn
or wince with pity at the face.

Looks can be deceiving. That is why we must work past our visual biases.

175. A New Past

I was not there to love your past
in all its heights of glorious beauty,
nor shared in all its duller days,
nor languished in all its valleys.

We are however crossing here,
a making of new memories
to both recall in future years
the story featuring you and me —

A story ending, one would hope,
with two small humans sharing love.

It’s hard letting go of a past, especially so with someone else’s. But that would take time away from forming a new past with them, one where we are both protagonists.

174. Simple

I want to love you simply
as when a child sees his dad
or mom after a long day’s work,
or like a puppy waiting patiently
by the windows watching,
wagging tail intensely
for its family to come home —

I want to love you with a love
that needs no explanation
nor understanding to appreciate,
just as no one taught us why
the distant sunrise is so beautiful.

Everything so simple can yet be so difficult. I guess that’s the mystique of beauty and tragedy all in one.

173. Shouting Match

Another angry word let slipped,
by another’s word antagonized,
that two wrong words exchanged
can bolster broken pride —

But words behind closed walls
retelling of the fiery duel,
witty as their sharp tongues were,
neither walked way as hero.

It’s a terrible impulse to give into. If one good thing comes out of playing LoL, it’s that I get to hear it enough to hopefully build a stronger immunity system against hostility.

172. One Last Round

The eerie calm of facing ends
at once relinquished of a victory
where just before a hope had sang,
now smiling, enters history —

That anxious too were heartbeats
just before, a primal thumping
of uncertainty — but greeting now,
as though a friend, brings solace
to all mysteries.

It’s slightly bizarre, that ambiguity should instill more trembling in hearts and mind than dead clarity, even if the outcome is the most severe. Perhaps we enjoy the brief gifts more because they’re brief, and seeing its clear end makes it so much more valuable. Too easy to take things and people for granted otherwise.

171. Slipped

If drunken mind and sober words
lived lives the opposite,
then so much for our sweet love
in rosy cheeks so innocent,
that slight too bubbly laugh
a hint of feelings greater yet
in daily gazes unconfessed
until at last entreated, slurred,
the words escaped in night’s cover.

Well, definitely taking a break after birthday nights like the last one. Still can’t find gloves nor earmuffs, probably left them at the bar. Winter sucks.