234. A Formality

Not too much more to say for us
where eyes cannot maintain,
but drift beyond to rosier blushes,
unspoken effort to mask pain —

That years hence to lament again,
replaying scene and changing words,
that even now proclaim as friends
a former joy and current hurt.

It’s a bad mental habit I sometimes fall into, laughing at all the lack of insight in others’ choices, throwing away what makes them happy and making choices that lead to ever-deeper misery. But I do the same. How often have I ruminated now on some missed opportunities, some person who was “the one that got away” (whether or not it was truly the case)…it’s so easy to harden our hearts to another’s mistaken choices. We can show empathy though, a little mercy from the heart. Sometimes, it’s harder because it’s personal or because I feel that individual is fully deserving of their choices. Still have to try; still a works in progress…


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