357. Tipped

A switch to loss so sudden
from streams of gentle love
that days before did flowed
to now a surging flood,
and thoughts which had endowed
the mind with warm caressing
would quick impose themselves
to grayed-out, cold erasing —

Was such our vessel built
the could endure the torrents,
but capsize due to dents
from discords incoherent?

So odd how you can see it looming in advance, and yet it feels so strong and sudden once things change.


356. Shy

Find my weakness,
kill me softly,
a blissful smile from defeat
the best of ways to lose;
Find that weakness,
that conceit,
these fingers grasping
at the peach
elusively indwelt
mere inches beyond reach.

Credit for trying, but maybe there’s a more advantageous approach?

355. Silver

Collected medals
themselves collecting dust,
ignored for all the joys
of once achieved and done;

Yet medals daily polished
could signify the more? —
The constant looking back
while life the constant forth.

All that’s been done is to prepare for all that’s to be done.

354. Trimming

We owe ourselves amnesia
when forgetting brings a warmth
so cherished in the midst of winds,
and forgotten in the winter storm —

We owe nothing to the thoughts
whose only legacy is pain;
better yet to quash in full
the outcrops with harsh rain.

Drunken writing has never been the most inspired, despite what popular thinking would lead one to believe…Tomorrow will be fun, cursing the vanity of tonight.

353. Dollface

Pretty people pass on by
encumbered with their mirrors;
pretty people pass on lies
entrusted since their date-of-hire;
Constricted masks, each custom drawn
for scripts they may not want,
but look they must the act until
we find beauty in the wan.

Will I do my part in helping us break the script?

352. Fervent

Some mornings leave you lost
far more than midnight strolls,
for even light, so pure and good,
can blind a desperate soul —

Some hopes can ask too much
of years you have remaining,
but bore with grit your pride can say
‘twas not for lack of trying.

Less than 3 years till I’m 30. So much to do, so little time…and stubbornness aplenty. Just need a little luck and a lot of patience. Just what’s in short-supply.

351. Sorry

What difference one word makes
accompanied by a gesture
of no fault taken upon self
and moving on to casual chatter —

What difference one day made
between lost love and laughter;
by wear and tear left unrepaired
did two stopped talking altogether.

The inverse of course is that forgiveness must be meted out accordingly once apologized for.

350. Closures

Make sure when passing through
you securely shut the door,
for wayward winds can flit on by
and rouse figments best ignored,
like fluttering hair along the breeze
or easing cuddles weathering overcast;
make sure to close doors tight
before you move on past.

Why do I bid away my sleep contemplating things best left for daylight wanderings…

349. Motions

Not by the scorn of sunlight
nor eyes evaluating worth
could painful growth occur
in punctuated bursts,
but witnessed only by a bulb
whose paltry glow accompanied
each hour spent at night awake
improving self so gradually.

Except for the whole sleep is good for sanity thing. Yet for all my supposed intellect, I can’t give myself enough time to rest.

348. Patiently

The hardest lesson to be taught,
and harder still to master,
when every idle second deign
to pass non-moments faster —

Such gilded vain ambitions,
the lifetime’s wishlist to achieve,
demanding us commit in years
no privy counsel would accede.

If nothing else, learning patience the hard way cultivates a useful form of stubbornness and even a good outcome or two on occasion.