426. Negotiated

When choices are extreme,
no less can be of outcomes,
that opting for the either/or
at best returns a minimum;

And yet that middle road,
mundane and uninspired,
could make of yes and no
an amicable joint-desire.

Find our center.


425. Lasts

An hour’s not so much
when idled by and wasted,
yet sixty minutes stretch
with pain and teary faces.

A month is hardly long
for a blossoming new love,
but each of thirty days
is hell once broken up.


424. Butterflies

Our clock resists us time
regardless of our pleading,
with each allotted their amount
unknown before its ending —

But lives are not so meek
as to measure worth by seconds,
that in our every humble deed
lives a kindness that outlasts us.

Lives, lives…ah, good ol’ English.

423. Rainfall

Confined to yearnings for the youthful days,
she softly strode on threads of memories,
though flimsy as each verdant hair strand fade,
has kept her smile radiant endlessly —

But peace, like water veil when stirred disturbs
the pleasantry of quietly reflecting,
the tears for loved ones lost like rippling rain
dilute a smiling face worth protecting.

It’s hard to appreciate how ephemeral life really is sometimes. Makes many conflicts and contrivances in life look ridiculous beside.

422. Directed

Weary feet and heavy sighs
do little for exhausted eyes,
but forged of fire, self-destructive,
an ember sparked from hope,
can lift a will just long enough
to lumber past the finish post.


421. Inbox

The messages of past,
they filled the email folder,
with each a quickened skim
reminding that we’re older;

The messages won’t last,
the destined for deletion,
but just before once more
arousing dormant fictions.

Once upon…another…time…

420. Progress Bar

You work against the clock
as though time would concede
to the whims of sleep-deprived
compulsions to complete
all the promises made in hours
of a youthful optimism,
but aging has its weary way
of making us forget them.

If staying strong was easy, we’d all be strong. Stay focused.
T: 6

419. Owl’ed

By choice the coffee drank
an hour before midnight;
I guess there was no hope
of sleeping before daylight —

Yet on the side of waking
is a city-granted silence,
found only in depths of dark
by the senseless, sleep-defiant.

A good night is a late one, right?

418. Everest

The alluring of the distant,
shrouded by a dancing daylight,
playing off the misty clouds
telling of a grander ground beyond;

And so we ventured onward,
encumbered with an expectation,
but find only once we’re there
that rocks are rocks when near.

On the other side, how does that one funny saying goes? “I didn’t expect anything and I was still disappointed” xD

417. Groundwork

We dread a work of misery,
a sapping effort, near-contrived,
that daily, weekly, comes and goes,
for as long as we’re alive —

But were it not for dark brown bark
and years of wooden buildup,
no orchards would have blossomed
to please the eyes and feed us.

A little off cadence-wise…okay, a lot. What can you expect from 7 minutes and a day of doing job apps…
T: 7