495. Contentment

I’ve gained nothing but a loss
of hopes and dreams unrealized,
dissolving with the days now passed
the rosy fragrance idolized.

Between the mist and disappearance,
whose tethered spell snapped slowly,
I drank too often to erase, remind,
I drank too often to escape, deny —

But sobered up I did become,
and bid farewell sad memories,
I’ve gained nothing, yet the loss
of pain, of past, of fantasies,
to forgive us both forevermore
our imperfect meant-to-be.

If only dissertation writing came to me like poem ideas…


494. The Jog

I stared that morning, long and deep,
the mirror blurred from shower steam,
my sunken stature still from prior grief
who once again gave up his dreams —

Was I at fault? It’s hard to say —
A hope outmatched by circumstance,
and found in written words those days
what parallel endings I could pen.

And muddled too today has been,
a thickened winter fog blown overhead,
yet clearer than these months, I sense
a birthing between quickened breaths —

For dreams, in cycles, don’t stay dead,
but spark hope always in a lover’s head.

Some wake-up calls are costly, but transitions have their prices. Become better, not bitter.

493. Months

Falling out of love today,
I noticed the uneven twinkle of her eyes,
where amorous ambers shone yesterday
remain only photographic luster, lies.

Falling out of love today,
I counted all our promises exchanged,
and how I would still live up to them,
were words like those to live again.

But no, most likely not,
those sweet, sad words of eulogies:
for her so many months ago,
for me just recently.

Quick idea randomly spawned while at work. Could use a lot editing and revisions…in other words, this is most likely the final draft.

492. The Turn

I lingered there,
the chapter’s end,
reeling from finality,
longing to relive in
innocent events.

Merely just a page,
a blank canvass
separates — yet,
light as paper weighs,
the finger hesitates.

A rare instance where the title existed first, and then the piece followed. It’s a new set of days now: what to do with them?