506. Equated

If only I could say a minute’s worth
and somehow words will find you,
but why bemuse the air and ears
with thoughts now overdue —

But dreams, they nigh replace,
for making peace with silence,
where nothing  works as well
to figments of us sentients.

Just as well then, let it be.
T: 8


505. Stratified

These steel sinews and square-shaped stones,
whose skyline view pervade with towers,
so colossal as to strain the neck and eyes below,
and yet just one of many jungles so —

And far as ecosystems go that we can choose
to live our lives in two or eighty stories,
to treat instead this lot a gilded prison cell
and not the Fertile Crescent of past glories?

The call of dinner comes as light retreats,
for most a crumb, and few a splendid feast.

Would an extra crumb suffice? How about two to assuage the steel and stone?
T: 18