536. Lessons

We learned in life too late
the profoundness of an hour,
and only near the close of day
before our ghost call hither —

We learned too late indeed,
but only from high vantage,
the day has some light yet
for life to take advantage.

Uninspiring days of late, but that’s mostly just my current perspective. I can do better.
T: 6


535. Difraction

The tunnel’s light shone bright as hope
unblemished by the heat of suns
passing over by for many seasons,
yet unacknowledged were those burns —

The tunnel’s light shone bright in turn
that we so near will soon embrace it,
arrived at last beyond the darkened walls,
from blind to blinded in our awe.

It was never about youth, just youthfulness.
T: 10


What is it about me and liking pain? Cut in the mouth? Better eat those pineapples. Wound in the heart? Why not jab at it a bit for fun? Too much love for a little rush to feel alive? Maybe I’m just being over-dramatic. Life needs all its flavors, and each will in their time contribute to the delicacy.

Consider today the start of a long discipline process, where I learn to say no once every morning, and no once before bed. Patience might reward me, or it might not (most likely not, given my track record of being lucky in this matter). Take the opportunities I receive, and build up my capabilities in the interim. Luck favors the bold and the prepared they say. Well, boldness failed – red failed. Preparation it is – blue is an old favorite.