One last day of May. What if it was my one last day at all? Would I spend it differently than what I have planned? Where is the earnestness which I started my 20s with? Where goes all my ambition and yet unrealized dreams? All so I can stagnate here and feel so restless all the same…

One last day of May then. I’m not getting any younger after all.



Answers are intriguing. Nay, answers are addicting. So then, does looking for that next hit makes me a junkie? I suppose it does, in a way.

Life appears to be moving so slow these days, and yet, I feel so rushed. I feel the need to slow down, to clutch to my books and retreat to solitude. Why the scrambled thoughts? Why the lack of focus, or rather, the lack to desire to focus on the necessary tasks? Distractions certainly aren’t hard to come by. I’m the guy who plays the games for side quests and ignores the main storyline. Unfortunately, in the game of life, that’s a foolish thing to do!

Only so many days of promising myself tomorrow is the day to fix the problem before tomorrow’s too late…