Another chapter of the life book closes, as the roommate moved today. Two weeks remain of these cats before they too join him on his next adventures. I guess I should be better with change and loss, but alas the solemness it brings never quite loses potency.

Yet, I prance on with a largely slow-paced life, seemingly unaware of imminent looming deadlines forcing change upon me. Something has to give, or rather someone like me who must muster ever more effort at a more consistent pace. He got his break now – I need to go catch mine. We may not the purest masters of our fates, but we’re not mere observers either.



28 days…nothing beats the earnestness of an inevitable ending. I wish it were otherwise, but then again, it’s in large parts my fault that it’s not otherwise, no?

We knew these dates will come eventually, and now they’re near. Ironic how little we appreciate time until there’s only so little left. I’ve screwed up so much for not moving faster 2, hell 3, years ago. The chickens are coming home to roost, as the saying goes. And while the best time to plant that tree was 3 years ago, and the second best is now, so the other saying sorta goes.

I could wish otherwise, but I am currently not otherwise. How many times must I relearn that lesson? 2018 is making itself into a conclusion type of year. I have 27 days and less than 3 hours left to follow suit.

Today was a good start. But as we all know, consistency is key. Tomorrow may be J4, but that’s only a light excuse for easing up the throttle. I know where I need to go, so let’s take those steps and get there.