Mysteries will not cease their hold upon my ever imaginative what-ifs. Always the what-ifs – what about what is? So pre-occupied do thoughts of sleepless nights venture to some other fantastical world, thus leaving this one further unattended to. Trouble here brew aplenty – perhaps a troubled mind flees from its stressors by engaging in these flights of fancy.

Let’s be honest with myself then: I lack resolve. Persistence. Drive. Things I need to dig myself from ruts I keep landing in. Some troubles are world-inflicted, sure. But some troubles (and means of resolving trouble in general) are largely self-inflicted. If I have to circle one thing upon my list of things I must improve upon, it has to be that. I have my blessings to appreciate. I have to now work on this last critical element. If only discipline would build as easily as I can self-motivate via words. But then again, I do tend to be disdainful of actionless drivel. Come on self, you can do better. Be the person you wish to see more of in the world.

Effort and efficiency must match. One without the other is just like a house with only pillars. Build it: you have the ability. That much has never been in doubt by anyone, least of all you. Sow the future – you can reap its rewards when the time comes.