Interesting week or two of non-routine eventfulness. Guess I needed that more than I knew. A certain staleness of creeping existential malaise has overtaken my thoughts of late, chipping away at my positive disposition when I linger ever slightly too long upon some crevice or another of the internal abyss. I suppose one would call this dread, as it were. A dread of failing to meet up to my expectations of where I could be and what I’m supposed to be doing. A lack of progress, despite the pace of action. A flurry of movement, but no discernible ending…

But it’s a new month again, and while I’m one step closer to that point of inevitable gloom, I must once again find hope and push on for something better. It’s the only way; to keep up, we have to keep moving. To surpass, we can’t stand still. A thought can leap across the chasm of time; the body takes the scenic route. Let’s touch things up a bit. If I don’t like what I see around me, I have within my being some ability to change that.